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Is a collaborative work space right for you?

What started as a trend that was mainly relevant to the start-up and high-tech markets has, over the past two years, taken a sharp turn and opened to almost all sectors of the economy. Until recently, the flexibility of rental options that attracted more and more professionals would have been considered temporary or unstable. New habits dictate new needs, most notably flexibility. Those in the real estate world understands this, as we see more and more work spaces opening up.

Shared workspaces for artists

A number of joint workspaces have recently been opened in the country to meet the needs of creators and designers. These spaces make it possible to rent a work space in a modular and comfortable way. You only pay for an available desk in a collaborative workshop studio, a fixed desk in the studio, or even an indoor office. These workspaces offer many options for customization according to the designers needs.

Managers strive to bring the best professionals to their space, it is therefore essential to equip the workshop studio with everything they need: industrial and home sewing machines for designers, cutting tables, form mannequin alongside measuring and sewing equipment. For the animation and 3D graphics professionals, dedicated work spaces are available equipped with 3D printers. Some spaces offer a photography studio with all the equipment needed, ready for filming.

Shared work spaces for lawyers

Lawyers have been late to join the movement of collaborative workspaces, certainly due to the need for privacy and the prevention of leaks in sensitive matters. A number of attorneys and investors have realized the potential of this situation and began to work on establishing a common work space for attorneys only.

Many independent notaries choose not to join large offices but work independently. Not only does this provide the collaborative space users financial benefits, but also access to a whole team of potential colleagues and contemporaries whom they could not have met otherwise.

Work spaces are shared by everyone

For professionals who only require basic equipment such as power and Internet connection, computer equipment, printing and coffee machine. Alongside the software and start-up people, there is now a growing mass of professionals who choose to rent a desk or office in a joint work space in insurance, administration, economists and accountants, customer service, marketing and publicity, procurement and logistics, consulting and coaching.

Analysts predict a high volume of freelancers to hit the market. For example, the trend that reflects the hiring of administrative services or even senior management and freelance management. More and more startups and young companies are choosing to get on-demand services from these professionals. All of those professionals who choose to break up with their employer-employee relationship end up re-thinking the value of the traditional workplace Vs collaborative space.

Slowly but surely, they all migrate into the common work spaces. This is a natural course because this configuration is the most affordable and dynamic, and the return on investment is the greatest.

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