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Conference room meetings are recommended for any and all important meetings.

Meeting rooms are required by companies large and small. For startups with few employees or large organizations that require meeting rooms for greater audiences. Whether you are a first-time client or a regular, holding a high-level strategic meeting. Renting a stunning, well-equipped, conference room for business management is the best and most professional way to host a meeting.

The benefits of renting a conference room:


In our conference rooms, clients get the security and privacy they need. A business meeting with customers in an open space such as a cafe or restaurant may expose private information. In addition, conference rooms are quiet, they allow for uninterrupted meetings and equal attention is given to all participants.


Experts say that the use of conference rooms carries a professional atmosphere that reflects positively on your brand and company. Access with prospects in an elegant, comfortable conference room in a prestigious building will leave clients with a good first impression. Instead of waiting in a cafe until the meeting starts, customers and attendees can relax in impressive reception areas.


You can rent the space as needed,  hourly, daily, or even weekly.  There’s no point in paying for an entire office when you only host meetings once or twice a month. Instead, you can rent a professional conference room when you need it, as long as you need it.


Any additional element you need can be brought into the conference rooms in addition to what is available (internet access, computer and cellphone charging cables, and more) to maintain maximum productivity and comfort. A drink selection is also provided in order to provide you and your customers the best service.


Conference rooms are available for you as soon as today. We use an online booking system for guests to rent and schedule meeting rooms at their convenience.

Luxury Location

Developing your reputation and trust with your customers requires an impressive and prestigious place. Welcoming customers in a conference room increases your value and carries an impression of professionalism.


OFFIX conference rooms are set to high standards and tailored to your business needs. When choosing a conference room, you should consider: location, size, additional services and general atmosphere. 

These benefits and many others make meeting room rental the best option. Visit OFFIX and rent your conference room at once!

Interested? Let’s schedule an appointment – or just dial: (630)506.6100

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