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Information OFFIX Ravenswood

OFFIX Ravenswood!

We are very happy to have you in our OFFIX community!

Login info for OFFIX system:  https://offix.pickspace.com/     (App): Android – OFFIX / Apple – OFFIX

WIFI login info:      Network: Offix 5Ghz.       Password: Offix4311

Office Maintenance Requests and Customer Service Line:

Please contact us with all questions and requests for the email provided below. CS@offix-usa.com. If she is not available please call our OFFIX Customer Service number   (872) 250-0066.

OFFIX  Info and Requests:

  • Face Masks are mandatory in all shared and common areas
  • If you are feeling sick, please be considerate of others and stay home
  • Please respect your neighbors
  • Please remember to turn off any lights before leaving for the day
  • Our cleaning staff comes regularly, but please reset the conference room and clean up any garbage after using any common areas.

Printer: It is free to use (color & black/white) think about the environment before you print.  Printer name:

Parking: Street parking is free on both sides. Please pay attention to all street signs before parking.

Cleaning: Included in our amenities, we offer individual office cleaning services. If you don’t want the cleaning staff to clean your office, please let us know in advance. Every Friday, our staff will clean the fridge and dispose of all leftovers. This will help maintain a sanitary environment, along with providing space for other OFFIX members. We ask that you remove or label anything in the fridge that you don’t want throwing out by Friday morning.

Conference room reservations: In order to book the conference room, please reserve it in the OFFIX system. You must log in to your account to do this. If you need assistance please let us know. Office guests are limited at the moment. If you are having a meeting with several people, please give us a courtesy notice so that we can have the space ready.

Trash: Your trash can will be emptied on a weekly basis.

Mail: You must be present to receive packages or boxes that are being delivered. OFFIX will receive and deliver all letters, magazines, and cards that arrive to your name and office number. Any tenant who wishes to receive mail to this address may use the following mailing address:

*You or your business name*. 4311 N. Ravenswood Floor 2 *office number*  Chicago, IL 60613

We are so happy to have you here. If you need anything, please feel free to stop by our office. Let’s keep our community clean and safe!

Customer Service:  CS@OFFIX-USA.COM    (872)250-0066

Perla Aguilar branch Manager. Perla@offix-usa.com   (312) 371.1645     


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