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Office Rental Dilemma – Traditional Office vs. Shared Work Space – We’ve prepared you a review and comparison

In recent years, we have witnessed a changing world before our eyes. Community, collaboration that were previously relevant to our world as individuals, are becoming increasingly weak in the business world. This is reflected in the recruitment of employees, in the diversification of work teams in different parts of the world, and naturally also in the real estate market.

The development of shared workspaces

Shared work spaces have been popular in the United States for many years. They embody all the values ​​of the New World mentioned earlier: Community – all sit together and participate, no more distance. Transparency – everyone sees what the other is doing and all is exposed for good or bad. Collaborations – one helps the other, you can consult and get ideas from other departments, which was much less acceptable before when work was more segmented. Thinking together is considered a positive thing that only increases the quality and creativity of the products.

Freelancers are waking up

The growth of the freelance market has largely accelerated shared work spaces usage. In a world where all the technology tools needed to run a company are available online, you no longer have to go to the office. You can work from home, on vacation, or from a coffee house. However, as groups grow stronger, they stop compromising and starts voicing their needs. Freelancers started minding the noise when sitting in a high-traffic environment like a cafe or restaurant.

Shared work spaces are rising on the Israeli business map

The factors that created the momentum of the joint work spaces are not only due to the conceptual changes that are taking place in the world, but also to the fluctuations in the real estate market that are happening in Israel.

In light of the large protests regarding the real estate market’s cost, the state has begun to impose sanctions on its landlords over the past two years, and the rate of office rental returns is starting to decline as well as the demand for large offices in industrial and commercial areas. Freelance groups naturally come together and start working from homes and even parks. Shared work spaces, providing the flexibility and freedom necessary for freelancers working on short-term projects without commitment, are becoming a strong need required to be answered by the market.

Shared work spaces compared to traditional offices

Traditionally, a young company was expected to setup private offices, which was contrary to initial need and would not have been relevant before their next development stage. This created a situation where the company had to pay for more space than it actually needed. In addition, office rental is always accompanied by not-so-small current expenses that include office cleaning, refrigerator and kitchen fittings, management fees, power, property, water, insurance, internet, renovation and design.

The new gospel of shared work spaces provides a contemporary answer to the issue of office rental. No headache nor commitment. I come whenever I want and go whenever I want, whether it’s office hours or long-term contract periods that don’t always match the pace of development we’re predicting today in many industries. To our delight, this is often the case; A year in today’s business world can feel like ten years in the 20th century business world

Shared workspaces provide a customized modular solution that works exactly the same way we would like to get our subscription to the gym or internet provider: I take exactly the size that suits me, the amount of time that suits me, the price includes all my needs, and I come and go just as I please.

Shared workspaces are based on complete freedom, high standards and responsiveness to the tenants. The interesting part is that the price actually goes down significantly when we compare the price of renting an office space in a shared work space, compared to the rental prices of traditional offices.

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