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Doing What You Love with Monsie 3D Lab

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“I think if you’re going to start something, do it because you love it. You know, Bob Marley used to say money is just numbers. If you think you can achieve happiness by having money… you’re never going to be happy.” – Raul Rodriguez, CEO of Monsie 3D Lab

For this episode of Small Business Stories, Kaitlyn sat down with Raul Rodriguez, CEO of Monsie 3D Lab. Monsie is an up-and-coming dental lab dedicated to helping dentists give their client’s beautiful, restored smiles.

Raul shares his winding journey toward starting his own business and talks about some of the causes he’s passionate about. For Raul and Monsie, community engagement and giving back are very important. Listen to the episode for Raul’s thoughts on investing in your community as well as his tips for starting a business that you love. 

  • (00:27) – Making smiles at Monsie 3D Lab
  • (02:22) – Starting a new venture in 2020
  • (08:46) – Finding the right path
  • (12:13) – Put it in writing
  • (14:14) – Providing quality to the community
  • (21:37) – Do it because you love it

Follow Monsie 3D Lab on Instagram @monsie3dlab or check out their website www.monsie3dlab.com to learn more about what they do. 

Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick is a marketing and communications professional from Chicago (she’s actually from the suburbs but she lives here now, okay?). Her credentials for this podcast include her ability to talk endlessly, and a genuine interest in learning about what others can teach her about running a business.

OFFIX is a small business looking to help other small businesses succeed. They’re a flexible and professional workspace with multiple locations in Chicago specializing in private, boutique office spaces located in residential neighborhoods. Learn more about all that OFFIX has to offer you and your small business at www.wordpress-171393-1096463.cloudwaysapps.com

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Podcast episode production by Dante32.

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