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Going with the Flow in Business with Yada Digital Creative Studio

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“If I’m not always learning then I’m just falling behind because it’s ever evolving.” – David Sanchez, Yada Digital Creative Studio

2020 has been a year of unpredictability. But David Sanchez of the newly renamed Yada Digital Creative Studio, has been taking everything in stride. With his background in advertising and eye for design, David got to a place where he was ready for more creative control over his projects and thus Yada Digital Creative Studio was born.

David stopped by the studio for a chat about why it’s so important to make learning a lifelong habit and why business owners, especially creatives, need to accept unpredictability and go with the flow. Tune in!

  • (02:29) – Committing to being a contractor
  • (05:57) – Collaborative nature
  • (07:53) – Accessible services
  • (12:15) – Client engagement
  • (14:01) – Freelancer anxiety
  • (19:07) – Reaching out to Yada Digital Creative Studio
  • (20:00) – Story development
  • (21:00) – Capital to build

Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick is a marketing and communications professional from Chicago (she’s actually from the suburbs but she lives here now, okay?). Her credentials for this podcast include her ability to talk endlessly, and a genuine interest in learning about what others can teach her about running a business.

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