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Rocking Your Brand Message with LemonAd Stand

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“We’re trying to build a generation of free thinkers that can survive and pay their bills.” – Calvin Jackson, The LemonAd Stand

Calvin Jackson has always had a passion for art but the idea of being a starving artist didn’t sit well with him. He went into the graphic design space and along with his wife, Vanessa Jackson, conceived of The LemonAd Stand, a full-service creative marketing agency dedicated to small businesses.

Calvin and Vanessa are our guests for the inaugural episode of Small Business Stories. They spoke to us about the importance of figuring out your mission and brand statement as well as their passion for helping young people mesh their talent for art with real business skills.

Take a listen to the episode to learn more about The LemonAd Stand and their growth as a business.

  • (02:32) – Merging backgrounds
  • (06:57) – Moving forward with branding
  • (10:28) – Helping small businesses with marketing
  • (18:55) – That’s not your lane
  • (27:23) – What the future holds for The LemonAd stand

Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick is a marketing and communications professional from Chicago (she’s actually from the suburbs but she lives here now, okay?). Her credentials for this podcast include her ability to talk endlessly, and a genuine interest in learning about what others can teach her about running a business.

OFFIX is a small business looking to help other small businesses succeed. They’re a flexible and professional workspace with multiple locations in Chicago specializing in private, boutique office spaces located in residential neighborhoods. Learn more about all that OFFIX has to offer you and your small business at www.wordpress-171393-1096463.cloudwaysapps.com

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Podcast episode production by Dante32.

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