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For small businesses, the choice of office space must suit and meet all of their needs.

They must maintain efficiency, effectiveness, flexibility, and of course, find a place close to home not to waste precious hours in public transport or traffic jams. And where do you find all these? In local work complexes right next to residential areas. Recently, there has been a rush towards shared workspaces by small business owners, and for good reasons.

Here are 5 reasons why shared workspaces are the ultimate solution for small businesses


  • Get dressed and go out to work. The physical separation between home and the workplace is necessary to stay focused, as well as the effectiveness and reduction of distractions. These factors, at the end of the month, translate into money because they allow us to increase work productivity.
  • The flexibility, accessibility, and simplicity to rent out in the shared work areas close to home. There is no reason to hire long-term rental offices and deal with bureaucracy. In shared workplaces, the workspace can be adapted to the changing needs of the business. Growing from three to six employees? Move into a larger space within the complex.
  • Seriousness and professionalism. Working from a shared work complex conveys professionalism and seriousness to business customers, and certainly more from cafes or at home. In shared work areas, the conference rooms are equipped and broadcast professionally to the clients.
  • All those little treats – fast and unlimited internet, fully equipped and luxurious kitchens including snacks, soft drinks, coffee machines, and even beer to make the atmosphere better, can be found in most workspaces.
  • It’s time to say goodbye to the couch or living room sofa. After all, it all starts with being focused on going to work. At home, it is all too easy to get distracted and fold “just another washing machine”. Shared workspaces were designed for that purpose: to feel the ambient motivation from fellow individuals coming to work.
  • The last period has changed us all, and now we are facing a new era. Small businesses that can take advantage of the new “normal”, and make the right decisions to generate significant growth in their business.

The new player in the neighborhood

OFFIX is a boutique complex of corporate spaces, set up about a year ago to provide a solution for small businesses who understand the need and importance of working from an efficient office, but stay close to home. A space is fully customizable to business needs that provides maximum value for money.

Two locations exist today, in the heart of Chicago’s Wicker Park and Pilsen neighborhoods. Each has comprehensive and business-friendly amenities: conference rooms, a fully equipped kitchen with fruit, coffee, and treats, a printer, wireless internet, cleaning services and a variety of services included in the price, all with the purpose of allowing business owners to focus on the business and move it forward.

Dozens of small businesses benefit from our complexes, and we see how they grow and evolve. We provide the fertile soil to grow, with all the conditions they need, and they just have to concentrate on the work.

This is what Lior David, CEO of OFFIX complexes, tells us

Working in collaborative workspaces – the perfect remedy for those who want to reach the peak of productivity.

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